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Services Offerings

Enablement and Readiness

Spektra’s enablement and readiness services includes packaged and custom tailored workshops based upon your requirements with prescriptive hands-on experience.
We do workshop on everything around Azure, Microservices, DevOps,Open Source, App Development (Web & Mobile) and Hybrid Cloud.

Managed Services

Our managed services let you focus on your business whereas we take care of everything around your IT management.
We provide 24*7 enterprise class SLA backed managed services including Real time monitoring, 24*7 incident support, Monthly audit and reporting, continuous deployment and integration right from infrastructure layer to application components.

Advisory and Consulting

Advisory and Consulting services includes architecture advisory, deployment consulting, migration planning and execution, development and implementation for the core technologies Spektra focuses on.
Our phased planning and implementation services ensures that your technical, business and compliance requirements are met with minimal cost.

Packaged Solutions - Rapid implementation

Rapid implementation services includes quick design and deployment for common workloads deployed widely around the world. With our custom IP suite, planning and deployment of common workloads on cloud becomes smooth, fast and cost effective.

What we are good at

But we also learn new technologies quickly.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure is the only open and flexible major cloud platform which has been constantly ranked as a leader for both Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-service (PaaS). It facilitates you to build, deploy, and manage applications quickly across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters.
We, at Spektra Systems help you in building your cloud adaption strategy across infrastructure and applications portfolio. We are expert in building new and moving existing workload to Azure where we help you finalize migration design with focus on latest technologies and innovation rather than just traditional life and shift approach.
Spektra provides consultancy, deployment and managed services across all Azure IaaS and PaaS Components.

Enterprise Mobility –Microsoft Office 365, EMS and VDI

As having an office is important, mobility too plays a vital role for an organization. Facility of working from home, using mobile as well as handheld devices to accomplish certain task has changed the way how organizations used to work.
Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Enterprise mobility + Security and Virtual desktops provides platform for the users working from anywhere, using any device to access corporate resources in a safe and reliable manner.
We at Spektra focus on onboarding organizations to leverage power of O365, Microsoft EMS (Enterprise Mobility + Security)Suite,VDI (DaaS) and application delivery from cloud.

DevOps and Open Source Solutions

DevOps helps you to build and ship applications faster than ever in a traditional environment. We then take this to next level and enable DevOps culture and processes when building applications in a cloud or hybrid environment. With years of experience working with both traditional and DevOps-enabled organizations, we understand both cultures and what it takes to transition from one to the other over time.
Microsoft loves unix, so we do. We support and contribute towards Open Source solutions by enabling them to run well in Azure. Our specialization lies in building large scale Unix and open source workloads on cloud in a reliazable and secure manner.
We offer consultancy, deployment and managed services across DevOps culture, tools(VSTS, Jenkins, Chef/Puppet) and Open Source Solutions.

Microservices and Containerization

Microservices is about developing a single, small, meaningful functional feature as single service, each service has it’s own process and communicate with lightweight mechanism, deployed in single or multiple servers. Containers play an important role in building a true Microservices architecture.
Spektra have tremendous experience in assisting clients with adopting Microservices architecture, assisting clients to decompose monolithic applications into a more distributed architecture and building production grade containers environment.
We help organizations Improve developer productivity, speed and quality of software releases with Docker containers and micro services architecture. We offer consulting and deployment services for Azure Container Service, VM Scale Set, Azure Service Fabric, Docker and container orchestration tools such as Swarm, Kubernetes and DCOS.

Cloud based Disaster Recovery

Spektra understand your Business and technical architecture by working with you closely and help you in building a disaster recovery plan to protect your mission critical applications, DR implementation and conducing DR Drills.
Disaster Recovery solutions are the livelihood of any organizations, and we make sure that right tool is selected for your applications by analyzing nature of each application with considering required RPO(Recovery Point Objective) and RTO(Recovery Time Objective).
Spektra works very well with Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery, Protecting Physical and virtual (VMware, Hyper-v , Xen/KVM), Applications and Database level replications technologies.

Enterprise Application Development and Modernization

IT is changing its nature, from an inward-directed, process automation focus to an outward-directed, business offering focus. The IT field is changing its perspectives from support the business to be the actual business. Of all the challenges IT is facing as it moves towards its new role, possibly none is more demanding than developing the applications to be the actual business.
We focus in building enterprise applications from ground up leveraging power and innovating technologies of Cloud. Simultaneously, we also help organizations in realizing new business value out of legacy applications by modernizing them with latest technology innovation.
We help you in developing next generation enterprise applications and in modernizing legacy applications.

Mobile Application Development

We, at Spektra understands your idea and correct that into a real Mobile application.
We work hand in hand with you and understands your business requirement and deliver app with complete ownership of technical design, architecture, scaling and development Spektra systems carries expertise in building simple yet powerful mobile apps for Android, IOS and Windows Platforms.
We can also help you in reforming your existing mobile apps with latest innovation to deliver business value.

Big Data, Analytics and Data Visualization

With Spektra Systems, Unlock the real value of your data. We help you in storing, analyzing and visualizing your big data with focus on on delivering actionable intelligence to your organizations at right time to help you make smarter decisions.
We have experience in building and running big data analytics, real time data analytics, data warehouse and data visualization.
Spektra Systems carries experience and expertise in building and running big data, analytics, data warehouse, real time data analytics and data visualization solutions leveraging Microsoft Azure HDInsight, Azure Data Lake, SQL DWH with powerful analytics leveraging BI tools for Hadoop,machine learning, SSAS and Cortana analytics and visualization with Microsoft PowerBI.

Internet of Things(IoT)

Azure IoT Suite brings the Internet of your things to life.
Connect your devices, analyze previously-untapped data, and integrate business systems—and transform your company when you uncover new business models and revenue streams.
Leverage Spektra IoT expertise to design, build and run a connected enterprise solution to transform the way how you monitor, manage and control your assets and take smarter decision.
Spektra works very well with Azure IoT Suite, Azure Events Hub, Azure Stream Analytics and several other IoT tools.
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