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CSP Control Center

CSP Control Center aka C3 is a cloud platform built for Microsoft CSP Partners, enabling them to distribute, sell, bill and provision cloud solutions. C3 provides CSP partners a white-labelled self-service marketplace with all billing automation and invoicing capabilities.

C3 is built for

  • Direct (Tier-1) CSP Partners
  • Indirect Providers(Distributor’s)
  • Indirect Resellers (Via Distributor’s)
  • Affiliates

Key services

  • Cloud computing featuring software for use via the
    internet and remote hosting of computer operating systems, computer hardware, and computer software; providing an online portal featuring non-downloadable software for the management, modification,  securitization solutions; Providing virtual computer systems and virtual computer environments through cloud computing
  • Downloadable cloud-based software for content management and IT Service solutions

C3 simplifies the economics and management of a cloud reselling business, Checkout www.cspcontrolcenter.com to learn more about features and capabilities for C3.

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CloudLabs provides hands-on lab environments for technology companies for events, workshops and POCs at scale. CloudLabs empowers instructors and students through modern technology experiences to enable impactful learning experiences.

CloudLabs is built for

  • ISVs
  • Training Providers
  • System Integrators
  • Educational Institutes

Key services

  • Providing temporary use of non-downloadable cloud-based software for IT Education Labs and IT Labs
  • Downloadable cloud-based software for IT Education Labs and IT Labs

CloudLabs helps organization to reduce hands-on lab costs by 50 to 75% and provide a smooth labs experience without any complications of trials and subscriptions. Checkout www.cloudlabs.ai to learn more.

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Spektra Offerings

CSP Business Automation

With C3, We offer complete business and billing automation for Microsoft CSP Partners.

Cloud Hands-on Labs

Fully managed hands-on labs to learn, showcase, demo and market technology products.

Partner Services

With our partners focused professional services, we help MS partners to grow and achieve more in this cloud world.

ISVs Enablement

Enabling ISVs to onboard their products to Azure Marketplace, help with increasing sales and product outreach with automated hands-on labs and test drives.

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