Debunking Top 5 Cloud Marketplace Myths: What’s Stopping ISVs from Selling in the Cloud Marketplaces

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If you are an ISV or a SaaS provider, you must have contemplated selling on the cloud marketplaces at least once. However, if you are reading this article, chances are you might have decided against this move owing to major apprehensions and misconceptions or cloud marketplace myths. Working with ISVs from across the globe, we have identified that while many understand and acknowledge the benefits that cloud selling can bring along, there are many myths that are preventing this growth. 

Apprehensions due to such myths are quite understandable considering cloud marketplaces are relatively new. Furthermore, you might believe that you have limited experience or expertise to leverage the cloud marketplace and fear enterprise-wide resistance to the move.

However, most of the reasons due to which you are resisting this journey carry little weight when you look at them closely. Our team of cloud marketplace experts who have helped 100s of ISVs start their journey in the cloud marketplace have identified the top cloud marketplace myths for you to explore and eventually cross. 

Cloud Marketplace Myths #1: The process is complex

The first of the top 5 cloud marketplace myths revolves around overthinking and making the process too complex in your mind. ISVs often believe that there are several complicated steps in starting the cloud marketplace journey which need comprehensive expertise and experience. Therefore, the first stance of apprehension starts with the thought that this process requires too much effort and expertise that we may not possess.  

While it is true that the process involves steps of technical and operational readiness, however, it isn’t entirely complex or complicated. Fortunately, now, there are also platforms that can make your journey seamless, like SaaSify by providing all the technical and operational support to have your solutions published and live within a week.  

Cloud Marketplace Myths #2: The engineering cycle is too long  

Stepping from the first one, the second myth focuses on the obsession around automation of each part of the transaction to be fully automated and facilitate self-service. Considering absolute automation as a necessary prerequisite is a common misconception that prevents many ISVs from selling in the cloud marketplaces. This generally leads to over engineering of the solution to make it cloud ready, taking up a lot of time than what is necessary.  

The best way to approach the cloud marketplace is to have your minimum viable product ready to establish a presence and keep improving and adapting to customer needs and expectations. Chances are that many of your customers will require customized solutions and offers, which will eventually require interventions and not a completely automated, self-service product.  

Cloud Marketplace Myths #3: Pricing needs to be perfect 

In our experience, we have seen many ISVs spend a lot of time perfecting their pricing models. Which model to finalize, what format to follow, how to price the solutions, etc. eat up a lot of time, adding to the anticipated complexity of the move. While it is important to ascertain a specific model of pricing, overthinking will only push you away from the move.  This is one of the cloud marketplace myths that you need to address. 

Cloud Marketplace Myths #4: The demand is not there yet 

This has been one of the top cloud marketplace myths among ISVs. A very common remark or question that we have come across has been, ‘But, do you think our customers will be there and will embrace us’? Well, the answer is a big YES and chances are that your customers will welcome your selling in the cloud marketplaces with open arms.  

If you don’t believe us, you can try interacting with some of your existing and potential customers to do your market research, the answer will be affirmative. The reasoning for the same is quite straightforward. Many of your customers will have committed spends with cloud marketplaces, which might be over and above what they are currently using. Selling in the cloud marketplaces can help you capitalize on these spends. Furthermore, since those spends are already committed and budgeted for, you get to skip the entire approval cycle, leading to quicker deals and realization of revenue.  

Cloud Marketplace Myths #5: The size of deals is small 

The next myth that prevents ISVs, especially enterprise ISVs from selling in the cloud marketplace talks about the size of the deals. Many believe that only small organizations that deal in self-service transactions, which are lower in the revenue scale, or focus on incremental rise are available in the cloud marketplace. However, this is far from what is true. 

Most of the ISVs we have worked with share that many of their largest customers prefer transacting through the cloud marketplace. The rationale is similar to the one above. Most big companies already have committed spends in the cloud marketplace and prefer to process all their transactions at one place. Therefore, the size of deals is big enough. Furthermore, many organizations might have a large chunk of unutilized committed credits, which they are likely to allocate to you and facilitate long term deals, which are significantly large. It is rare to see such long term deals through conventional sales channels as your customers might not have incentives to do so. Thus, the small size of deals is clearly a misconception.  

Start selling your solutions in the cloud marketplaces with SaaSify 

We have demystified the top cloud marketplace myths that might be preventing you from selling in the cloud marketplaces. While this new sales channel might seem overwhelming from a macro level, when you take a closer look, you will realize that it is your overthinking that is actually preventing you. If you have any other apprehensions, you can always collaborate with SaaSify to help you out. SaaSify will: 

  • Empower you to utilize Cloud Marketplaces to tap into the global software customer pool and multiply your revenue streams 
  • Help you in taking your product live in cloud marketplaces within a week 
  • Enable you to leverage its zero engineering platform to facilitate your journey 
  • Provide a cloud billing and provisioning platform for seamless transactions 
  • Offer the necessary tools and integrations to simplify selling on marketplaces  

With SaaSify, selling in the cloud marketplace is a cakewalk. Just sit back and see your business grow. Book a demo today for more understanding! 


This blog was originally published on SaaSify.