Journey to AWS Marketplace CPPO: 7 essential steps for ISVs

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As an ISV, once you start selling your solutions in the AWS marketplace, there are several avenues you can explore to increase your sales and revenue. We have previously discussed the ACE Program for co-selling opportunities with AWS marketplace. However, another interesting path to explore is AWS marketplace CPPO. Also known as Consulting Partner Private Offers, CPPO enables ISVs to collaborate with consulting partners in the AWS marketplace to boost their sales. Through the course of this article, we will discuss AWS marketplace CPPO in detail and steps for you to leverage the same.  

Decoding AWS Marketplace CPPO 

Let’s start by understanding what exactly are Consulting Partner Private Offers or AWS marketplace CPPO. It is essentially an arrangement which enables ISVs like you to authorize third party consulting partners, to sell your solutions or SaaS offers in the AWS marketplace to their customers. There are two things that you need to be cognizant of when you are exploring AWS marketplace CPPO.  

First, you need to establish a relationship with consulting partners. Consulting partners are professional services firms that help customers design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on AWS. While there are a plethora of partners to choose from, you need to select the ones which have a vast customer base amongst your target audience.  

Second, you need to publish private offers which have custom pricing and terms specific for particular customers. Once you have these two in place, you can create private offers for your consulting partners with discounts and wholesale pricing which they consequently offer to their customers on your behalf.  

Business case for AWS Marketplace CPPO 

Moving forward, as an ISV, you might have questions about how AWS marketplace CPPO can actually make an impact on your business. To help answer the same, let’s quickly explore the top benefits CPPO will bring along.  

Ease of doing business 

To begin with, when you leverage AWS marketplace CPPO, you can significantly reduce administrative work around revenue appropriation with your consulting partner. In a conventional scenario, if you are engaging with the reseller or a partner, the revenue will be collected by the third party from the customer and then will be transferred to you based on the accepted terms. This is generally a manual process and will require administrative efforts from both sides.  

However, if you go with AWS marketplace CPPO, AWS takes care of this revenue appropriation at the source. The customer pays to AWS and based on your terms with the consulting partner, both parties receive their share of the revenue. This not only reduces your work and follow ups, but also makes the process highly efficient and effective. Invariably, you will be able to realize revenue seamlessly.  

Global footprint 

As an ISV, one of your objectives of entering the AWS marketplace would be to expand your presence and reach industries and locations that you may not be able to with your conventional sales channels. You can double down on this objective with AWS marketplace CPPO. While your SaaS solution may be available to audiences in diverse locations, without credibility and an understanding of their needs, you will find it extremely difficult to turn them into your customers.  

Here, consulting partners can play a significant role. They understand the nuances of their markets and customers and can help you create private offers which are likely to be accepted well. Leveraging these insights, you will be able to serve a larger customer base, which will be directly handled by the consulting partners. Invariably, your global presence will increase significantly. 

Leverage existing networks 

Most companies that transact through AWS marketplace and have a cloud presence actively engage with consulting/ professional firms to take care of their operations in the cloud. They see these consulting partners as a one stop solution for their cloud journey and rely on their expertise and experience for any transactions. Trust, loyalty, as well as reduced administrative work encourages customers to rely on their consulting partners.  

Invariably, if you are able to forge a relationship with such consulting partners, you get direct access to their loyal customers. While the customers get access to SaaS products without scouting the market, you get an opportunity to drive higher revenue.  

How to get started with AWS marketplace CPPO? 

Now that you understand the benefits and are convinced that AWS marketplace CPPO is worth exploring, here’s a quick snapshot of how you can leverage it. 

Step 1: Become an AWS Partner 

Start by enrolling yourself in the AWS partner portal by taking care of the formalities and requirements. 

Step 2: Create a private offer 

Start by creating an offer in the AWS marketplace with all the options to ensure that it is a private offer and can be customized and offered to specific customers.  

Step 3: Identify the right partner 

Scout for partners that have a customer base with your target audience and those who are most likely to benefit from your solution. Identify partners who bring along geographical and industry diversity. 

Step 4: Create a deal for the consulting partner 

Negotiate the terms with the consulting partner based on the wholesale price being offered, type of discounts (recurring vs non-recurring) and other terms to reach mutually acceptable terms. You can have the same offer for all partners or renegotiate with every partner. Leverage the flexibility to your benefit.  

Step 5: Consulting partner creates private offer 

Once you negotiate the deal, your role becomes passive. Now, the consulting partner will create the private offer based on the negotiated terms and extend it to customers when the time comes using a custom URL. 

Step 6: Customer accepts private offer 

Based on the negotiation between the consulting partner and the customer, the latter will accept the offer. You take care of the onboarding and technical assistance and the payment for the same is released to AWS marketplace.  

Step 7: Receive funds from AWS marketplace 

AWS marketplace takes care of all administrative work and you receive the apportioned revenue based on your deal with the consulting partner. You will receive the revenue based on your terms with AWS marketplace on the number of days for revenue disbursal.  

Leverage AWS marketplace CPPO with SaaSify 

Through this article, we have covered almost everything you need to know about AWS marketplace CPPO right from what it means, to the benefits to how you can get started. However, we believe that having a support system through this process can make the journey to AWS marketplace CPPO seamless. SaaSify can help you out here: 

  • Leverage SaaSify to establish a presence in the AWS marketplace and create, manage, list offers with our zero engineering platform 
  • Create an exemplary brand experience for customer onboarding with our white labeled solution and establish brand recall 
  • Capitalize on the expertise and experience of our marketplace experts to create private offers and create a presence within a week
  • Use advanced reporting to track customer insights and measure performance for accelerated growth 

Therefore, to leverage AWS marketplace CPPO, you need to establish a foundation in the cloud marketplace where SaaSify can be your go to solution to facilitate the same. Book a demo today with our marketplace experts to learn how unparalleled growth awaits you in the AWS marketplace with CPPO, ACE program and many other benefits, opportunities and incentives. 


This blog was originally published on SaaSify.