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Data is one of those things that keeps the world moving. In the year 2022, the world has become smarter and more advanced, and data is no exception. The data architecture has become multi-cloud, multi-format and bundled up with AI, this unlocks a whole new possibility of how data can change the world. 

If you are an enthusiast about data and AI, then the Data + AI Summit 2022 is the event you need to be at.  

This blog covers everything that you need to know about this summit organized by Databricks and how CloudLabs has helped this leading Data + AI company overcome multiple challenges by providing seamless hands-on labs. 

What is Data + AI Summit? 

Data + AI Summit is the world’s largest data and AI conference, which is organized by Databricks, a security ISV. It will span 4 days and will feature multiple technical sessions, expos, hands-on training, technical workshops, demos, meetups, and keynotes by various industry speakers. 

Schedule of Data + AI Summit 2022 

The event is scheduled for June 27th – 30th, 2022, in Moscone South, San Francisco. 

Why should anyone attend this event? 

Being the world’s largest data and AI conference, this summit will feature various data professionals collaborating and discussing the modern data architecture and trends that address all data, analytics, and AI use cases. 

Who should attend? 

  • Anyone who is interested in AI and modern data architecture 
  • Security ISVs looking to   
  • Non-technical stakeholders  
  • Professionals working in the domain of AI 
  • Professionals with expertise in AI and data 
  • Technical decision makers, developers, engineers, and system admins 

Who are the speakers? 

The summit features various speakers from around the globe: 

  • Ali Ghodsi, Co-founder and CEO, Databricks 
  • Matei Zaharia, Co-founder and Chief Technologist, Databricks 
  • Andrew Ng, Founder and CEO of Landing AI and DeepLearning.AI 
  • Many more

What is the cost of the event?  

The event features multiple passes that the attendees can take advantage of: 

  • Virtual attendance: Free  
  • In-Person Conference Passes: From $1150  
  • Training Passes: From $200 

Will the event be available online?  

The sessions which the attendees will miss will be available on-demand on the virtual platform of Databricks and other channels. 

Make the most of Data + AI Summit 2022, meet CloudLabs 

Databricks is using the immersive hands-on labs of CloudLabs at the Data + AI Summit. But before getting into the specifics, let us gather some basic information.  

What is CloudLabs?  

CloudLabs provides hands-on lab environments to technology companies and educational institutions for events, workshops, and POCs at scale. It empowers sales, education, and IT training and development with a robust hands-on platform required for real-world technology experience.    

With CloudLabs, ISVs can deploy effective training to customers and their internal sales teams for wider marketing outreach. The virtual lab platform is equipped to deploy, manage, and support thousands of lab environments at scale, on short notice. 

Labs provided by CloudLabs in the Data + AI Summit 2022 

CloudLabs is providing multiple labs across thousands of attendees in the summit for technical sessions, hands-on training and workshops, etc.  

Some of the lab environments include: 

  • Databricks 
  • Apache Spark 
  • Delta Lake 
  • MLflow 
  • TensorFlow 

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How CloudLabs helps Databricks step-up their marketing game? 

In 2021, the Data + AI Summit covered workshops and hands-on sessions from leading practitioners, including the creators of Spark, Delta Lake, ML flow, and Koalas. There were over 7000 registered participants in the enormous event. To conduct large-scale training and workshops, Databricks needed a solution that could bring satisfaction to all the attendees without increasing the management overhead of Databricks. 

Keeping in mind the massive scale of the deployment, CloudLabs leveraged its unparalleled cloud capabilities to ensure smooth event execution, albeit virtually. 

You can read the whole case study here. 

This year, CloudLabs is deploying more than 8000 labs to the Databricks organized Data + AI Summit across the three cloud providers: Azure, AWS, and GCP. 

Additionally, these are the benefits that Databricks gets from CloudLabs: 

  • Hands-on Lab Platform 

CloudLabs provides easy-to-use hands-on lab platforms to Databricks for multiple purposes like product learning, demonstrations, etc. These labs allow them to showcase the solutions to their prospects and test them in real-world scenarios. This also helps them to enhance their customer outreach. 

  • Marketing Outreach  

Our virtual labs help Databricks scale their market outreach by delivering impactful POCs and demos in real-world scenarios. This enables them to showcase their product functionality to their prospects and, in turn, reach out to a wider audience more effectively. 

  • Enablement  

CloudLabs’ hands-on labs enable the partners and customers of Databricks with effective POCs, training, workshops, and pre-built product demos.  

  • Technical Workshops, Conferences 

Databricks can empower their teams and the attendees of the summit to go deeper into the technical topics with practical hands-on experience with CloudLabs. This in-depth training strengthens the product knowledge of the learners.  

  • Multi-Cloud Integration 

CloudLabs supports the integration with Azure, AWS and, GCP to handle all the needs of Databricks. We can seamlessly transition between the three cloud providers based on need and convenience. 

  • 24×7 Support  

The CloudLabs team is always available for instant support for both technical and non-technical problems related to the lab environment.    


The Data + AI Summit 2022 is going to be a highly insightful event with tons of information on modern data architecture shared by the experts in this field. It is ideal for professionals interested in learning about various open-source technologies, such as Delta Lake, MLflow, Apache Flink, PrestoDB, and more.  

And if you are attending Data + AI Summit 2022, do connect with Manesh Raveendran, CEO of Spektra Systems, at Moscone South in San Francisco from June 27th to 30th to find out how CloudLabs can help you address the challenges of increasing your market outreach with virtual labs.

Click the button below to try our virtual labs to experience everything new with Databricks services with CloudLabs and see how it can fix problems related to virtual training, workshops, and more to help you reach prospects all around the world. 

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This blog was originally published on CloudLabs.