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In this rapidly advancing world of technology, cloud computing is a booming field where users rely on the cloud to store, manage, and process their data. The data stored on the cloud needs to be secured and kept away from the reach of unauthorized users. Any compromise in the security could cause serious privacy, safety, and reputation crises for the organization and for the person responsible for the system. 

AWS re:Inforce 2022 is a major upcoming event that revolves around the heavily discussed subject of cloud security. 

We have put together everything that you need to know about AWS re:Inforce and we will also tell you about CloudLabs’ role in the mega IT event. 


What is AWS re:Inforce? 

AWS re:Inforce is a learning conference revolving around cloud security, compliance, identity, and privacy. It will feature live sessions, expert-led demos of cutting-edge technologies, hands-on sessions in sandbox environments, talks from AWS leadership and security ISVs, and AWS certification bootcamps. 

The first edition of this annual event was held in 2019. 

Schedule of AWS re:Inforce 

The event is scheduled for 26th – 27th July 2022, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in Boston, Massachusetts. 

What can you expect from this event? 

This year’s AWS re:Inforce will have a collection of quality programs where the attendees will be able to network and gain valuable insights from participants and industry peers. 

The event schedule includes: 

  • Conference 

Stephen Schmidt (CSO, Amazon), CJ Moses (CISO, Amazon Web Services), and other security experts will discuss the latest innovations in AWS cloud security and will share the best practices for managing cloud security. 

  • Bootcamps 

The AWS experts will deliver in-depth training sessions using live lab environments. There will be two of these four-hour-long bootcamps on July 25. They will train the attendees on the following topics:  

  • AWS Certified Security – Specialty exam 
  • Best practices for securing serverless applications using AWS Lambda and other services in the AWS serverless platform 
  • Self-paced lab sessions 

The attendees can try out self-paced labs with AWS to familiarize with real-world scenarios. The difficulty level of these labs will range from beginner to advanced levels, and the participants will be able to complete a lab in 30 to 60 minutes. 

  • Spotlight labs 

The Spotlight labs will be taught by AWS instructors who will guide the attendees through a detailed process. These labs will not be self-paced. 

  • Expo (Security Learning Hub) 

The Security Learning Hub is the space where all the attendees will be able to interact with AWS Partners and experts to take advantage of various learning opportunities.  

Expo attendees will be able to:  

  • Consult security experts about data privacy and protection, risk, and compliance, among other topics 
  • Practice skills in virtual lab environments 
  • Learn about AWS training and certification 
  • Breakout content 

The attendees of this program will be able to choose any learning method according to their choice to learn the following tracks:  

  • Data Protection and Privacy 
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance 
  • Identity and Access Management 
  • Network and Infrastructure Security 
  • Threat Detection and Incident Response 

The difficulty levels will be intermediate, advanced, and expert. 

Why should anyone attend this event? 

Security experts from around the world, as well as AWS security leaders, will dive deep into the topic of cloud security and discuss the best practices for securing workloads in the cloud. 

Who should attend? 

  • Anyone who is interested in security, compliance, identity, and privacy 
  • Security ISVs looking to sell their software solutions on AWS Marketplace 
  • Non-technical stakeholders 
  • Professionals working in the domain of cloud security 
  • Professionals with expertise in cloud security and risk mitigation 
  • Technical decision makers, developers, engineers, and system admins 

Who are the speakers? 

  • Stephen Schmidt, Chief Security Officer, Amazon 
  • CJ Moses, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Amazon Web Services (AWS) 
  • Kurt Kufeld, VP, AWS Platform 

What is the cost of the event? 

The full conference pass can be bought for $1,099. 

Will the event be available online? 

Some sessions including the leadership sessions will be livestreamed and some will be recorded. The recorded videos will be available after the event.   

Who are the sponsors of this event? 

The sponsors are mainly ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) having expertise in the domain of cybersecurity. 

They are classified as: 

  • Diamond  

       PaloAlto, TrendMicro 

  • Platinum 

         Check Point, Sonrai Security 

  • Gold 

           JFrog, Sophos 

  • Bronze 

           Anjuna, GitLab 

  • Showcase 

            Cycode, Polar Security 


Make the most of AWS re:Inforce, meet CloudLabs 

CloudLabs will be present at the AWS re:Inforce event on July 26th and 27th, 2022. But before getting into the specifics, let us gather some basic information. 

What is CloudLabs? 

CloudLabs provides hands-on lab environments to technology companies and educational institutions for events, workshops, and POCs at scale. It empowers sales, education, and IT training and development with a robust hands-on platform required for real-world technology experience.   

With CloudLabs, ISVs can deploy effective training to customers and their internal sales teams for wider marketing outreach. The virtual lab platform is equipped to deploy, manage, and support thousands of lab environments at scale, on short notice. 

Free security ISV labs by CloudLabs 

CloudLabs will be providing security ISV labs for free at AWS re:Inforce 2022. We want ISVs to witness how our virtual lab platform can enable impactful experiences for their products. 

You can experience the following security ISV labs: 

  • Aviatrix 
  • JFrog 
  • F5 
  • PaloAlto Networks 
  • Check Point 
  • Sophos 
  • Fortinet 
  • TrendMicro 
  • Sumo Logic 

Try Our Labs

Try these labs here. 

How CloudLabs helps Security ISVs? 

Security ISVs need a platform to demonstrate the effectiveness of their solutions for security related issues in front of the customers. CloudLabs provides this virtual lab platform and solves this need. 

Benefits ISVs get from CloudLabs: 

  • Hands-on Lab Platform

CloudLabs provides easy-to-use hands-on lab platforms to security ISVs for multiple purposes like product learning, demonstrations, etc. These labs allow them to showcase the solutions to their prospects and test them in real-world scenarios. This also helps the ISVs enhance customer outreach. 

  • Enablement 

CloudLabs’ hands-on labs enables the partners and customers of security ISVs with effective POCs, training, workshops, and pre-built product demos. 

  • Marketing Outreach 

Our virtual labs help security ISVs scale their market outreach by delivering impactful POCs and demos in real-world scenarios. This enables them to showcase their product functionality to their prospects and, in turn, reach out to a wider audience more effectively. 

  • Custom Labs 

CloudLabs’ custom labs enable ISVs to configure their labs only once and rapidly deploy thousands of unique environments at scale. These custom labs can be built with the help of the CloudLabs self-service portal. 

  • Customized labs 

The virtual labs from CloudLabs can be customized as per the requirements of the ISVs so that they can deliver impactful presentations matched with their product features. 

  • Technical workshop

Security ISVs can empower their teams to go deeper into the technical topics with practical hands-on experience with CloudLabs. This in-depth training strengthens the product knowledge of the teams. 

  • 24×7 support 

The CloudLabs team is always available for instant support for both technical and non-technical problems related to the lab environment.   



AWS re:Inforce 2022 is going to be a highly insightful event with tons of information on cloud security shared by the experts in this field. It is ideal for professionals interested in learning about cloud security, compliance, and workload protection. 

And if you are attending AWS re:Inforce 2022, do connect with Amit Malik, COO of Spektra Systems, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center on July 26th and 27th to find out how CloudLabs can help you address the challenges of cloud security. 

You can also book a free demo with the CloudLabs team to know how our solutions fix problems related to security and help you reach prospects all around the world. 

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